Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Berrie Questionnaire -- Tony R, full-time assistant, part-time reservationist, and all-around Vanity man

1. Name: Tony R

2. Hometown: Hopewell Junction, NY

3. Where do you live now? Greenwich Village, NY

4. Occupation: look for me in the masthead.

5. Dream: if I can make it to 25 living in New York in my current
occupation, I would consider it a dream come true.

6. Favorite Place in NY: One of them is the area in Central Park just northeast of Sheep's Meadow, where you can watch members of the Central Park Skaters Association convene on warm weekends and skate-it-out to the best mix of 60s/70s/80s funk and dance music. The other is the nook in my kitchen where I can sit for hours and read while smoking out the window that overlooks MacDougal Street. They both sort of epitomize New York to me.

7. Favorite Designer(s): Acne, Ralph Lauren, APC, J. Crew (say what you will, I challenge anyone to tell me where I can find a better-fitting oxford button-up). I'm also a big fan of what Patrick Robinson has done for GAP.

8. Can't Live Without: my Barbour jacket, Diet Coke, & Marlboro lights

9. In Your Pocket: my work ID & a book of matches

10. On your iPod: right now? the Shins. Although I usually listen to my roommate's iPod when I can help it, as she has a much better collection of music than I.

11. On your nighttable: the stuffed WWF warthog I received as a Christmas present from Wayne Lawson, my Blackberry when it's not in my hand, my glasses when they're not on my face

12. Favorite Blog: I must admit, I am not the most active surfer of the Internet. But when I do, I usually visit Gawker, Style Rookie or, as much as I hate to admit it, Perez.

13. On your Netflix queue? alas, I've yet to subscribe. Although I do have a hefty stack of Oscar screeners (The Hurt Locker and Invictus sit at the top of this pile)

14. Icon? I've never felt a strong enough connection to any one person to really consider them an icon. Perhaps this is a good thing? I suppose one can never become iconic himself if he's trying to mimic someone else's approach to life....

15. Favorite NYC restaurant meal? Café Cluny -- the Frisee salad and Cluny burger (with fries & Gruyere) followed by three scoops of ice cream (to be shared!) covered in hot chocolate sauce. I'd say I eat it once a week, at a

16. Favorite place to have a drink in NY? Botanica (Houston btwn. Mulberry
& Mott)

17. Favorite shop in NY? For clothes: Odin. And for everything else: Muji!

18. Cab, train or walk? Walk walk walk!

19. Where do you get your haircut? I am pleading the 5th... We all should have some secrets, right?

20. One odd thing about you: I love pillows on my bed. Right now I sleep with eight. And I only have one head.

21. Grooming secret? "The more you look like the 1950s Remington man, the more your star will shine."

22. Best piece of advice you've gotten? See #21.

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