Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Berrie Questionnaire -- Tony R, full-time assistant, part-time reservationist, and all-around Vanity man

1. Name: Tony R

2. Hometown: Hopewell Junction, NY

3. Where do you live now? Greenwich Village, NY

4. Occupation: look for me in the masthead.

5. Dream: if I can make it to 25 living in New York in my current
occupation, I would consider it a dream come true.

6. Favorite Place in NY: One of them is the area in Central Park just northeast of Sheep's Meadow, where you can watch members of the Central Park Skaters Association convene on warm weekends and skate-it-out to the best mix of 60s/70s/80s funk and dance music. The other is the nook in my kitchen where I can sit for hours and read while smoking out the window that overlooks MacDougal Street. They both sort of epitomize New York to me.

7. Favorite Designer(s): Acne, Ralph Lauren, APC, J. Crew (say what you will, I challenge anyone to tell me where I can find a better-fitting oxford button-up). I'm also a big fan of what Patrick Robinson has done for GAP.

8. Can't Live Without: my Barbour jacket, Diet Coke, & Marlboro lights

9. In Your Pocket: my work ID & a book of matches

10. On your iPod: right now? the Shins. Although I usually listen to my roommate's iPod when I can help it, as she has a much better collection of music than I.

11. On your nighttable: the stuffed WWF warthog I received as a Christmas present from Wayne Lawson, my Blackberry when it's not in my hand, my glasses when they're not on my face

12. Favorite Blog: I must admit, I am not the most active surfer of the Internet. But when I do, I usually visit Gawker, Style Rookie or, as much as I hate to admit it, Perez.

13. On your Netflix queue? alas, I've yet to subscribe. Although I do have a hefty stack of Oscar screeners (The Hurt Locker and Invictus sit at the top of this pile)

14. Icon? I've never felt a strong enough connection to any one person to really consider them an icon. Perhaps this is a good thing? I suppose one can never become iconic himself if he's trying to mimic someone else's approach to life....

15. Favorite NYC restaurant meal? Café Cluny -- the Frisee salad and Cluny burger (with fries & Gruyere) followed by three scoops of ice cream (to be shared!) covered in hot chocolate sauce. I'd say I eat it once a week, at a

16. Favorite place to have a drink in NY? Botanica (Houston btwn. Mulberry
& Mott)

17. Favorite shop in NY? For clothes: Odin. And for everything else: Muji!

18. Cab, train or walk? Walk walk walk!

19. Where do you get your haircut? I am pleading the 5th... We all should have some secrets, right?

20. One odd thing about you: I love pillows on my bed. Right now I sleep with eight. And I only have one head.

21. Grooming secret? "The more you look like the 1950s Remington man, the more your star will shine."

22. Best piece of advice you've gotten? See #21.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shot: Style Rookie at Paris Couture

This is fashion. Pictured here is 13-year old fashion blogger Tavi exiting a couture show, notebook, pen and dad in tow in Paris this week. We love the new bluish-gray coiffee she's sporting (perhaps a nod to Coraline?) as well as the Anna-esqu shades. It's hard to admit, but we just can't help but feel this tween knows something we don't, and whatever it is, we want it.

Video Vixen: Lou Doillon Jumps for Vanessa Bruno

There is no one we love more than Lou Doillon, indie muse and nothing we love more than French line Vanessa Bruno. When you put them together, nothing short of magic happens. Please enjoy the three minute video poem directed by Stéphanie Di Gusto and let it brighten up your day like it did ours :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

News: Pharell Hearts Alber

WWD reported to day that N.E.R.D. frontman has fallen for another man--Alber Elbaz that is, designer for Lanvin. A guest at the menswear collections in Paris, Mr. Williams has offered up his services to Mr. Albaz as a consultant (as he did for Louis Vuitton) should the Frenchman accept. I'd be interested to see what that collabo brings!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Video Vixen: Sophomore Spring 2010 Lookbook

Chrissie Miller, girl-about-downtown and designer of the hipsterette it-label Sophomore recently debuted her Cass Bird-directed video lookbook for her Spring 2010 collection. Featuring some notable East Village personalities including artist Lucien Smith, the film shows pretty young things in Miller's duds chilling on the beach and making out on the boardwalk of Coney Island. The film has a kids-esque quality, which begs the question, where was Leo Fitzpatrick's cameo? Check out Interview Magazine for the full-length mini movie.

Trend: Red Tights!

From the looks of pre-fall, looks like Celine and Balenciaga are taking a cue from Blair Waldorf and going for colored tights. I love how Phoebe Philo combined the red on red look with a pair of ruby slippers.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Berrie Questionnaire: Danielle McGrory, Marketing Guru

1. Name: Danielle Brooke McGrory
2. Hometown: Center Moriches, NY
3. Age: 27
4. Occupation: Marketing Manager
5. Dream: To write books, collect art and live on the water
6. Favorite Place in NY: Everywhere but midtown
7. Favorite Designer(s): Chloe, Helmut Lang
8. Can't Live Without: Alone time, mini skirts and skinny black pants
9. In Your Pocket: Burt’s Bees lip balm
10. On your iPod: Asteroid Galaxy Tour, Jay-Z, Billie Holiday
11. On your nighttable: My laptop, from previously reading and/or watching web TV (Delusional Downtown Divas, anyone?) in bed
12. Favorite Blog: All the blogs on, The Coolhunter, The Moment and I’ll always have a place in my heart for the now semi-defunct The Blackberrie
13. On your Netflix queue? Next up is Paper Heart, but I have seriously neglected my Netflix since I upgraded to cable. The Netflix days were far more cultured.
14. Icon?: I just want to dress like Diane Kruger, sing like Mary J Blige and be quoted like Mae West, does that count?
15. Favorite NYC restaurant meal? Vegetable plate + entrée at Westville
16. Favorite place to have a drink in NY? Most frequented is Bar Veloce below my apartment, but really anywhere if I am with my friends
17. Favorite shop in NY? Possibly American Apparel because I can afford everything and even buy multiples!
18. Cab, train or walk? Preferably walk, although my boyfriend is trying to find me an old school BMX to ride
19. Where do you get your haircut? Aaron Pursell’s kitchen
20. One odd thing about you: That no matter how well you know me, there’s probably always something new to find out.
21. Beauty secret?: Moisturizer and eye makeup
22. Best piece of advice you've gotten?: “You’re not always right.”

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Berrie Questionnaire: Rafe Totengco, Designer

• Name:
 Rafe Totengco
• Hometown: Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines
Where do you live now? New York City
 Accessories Designer, Occassional Blogger & Tweeter, Travel Writer and Social Networking Enthusiast
• Dream:
 Travel all over the world, photograph and write about my adventures.
• Favorite Place in NY:
 The Japanese Garden in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden especially during “Sakura Matsuri”, I’m transported back to Kyoto.
• Favorite Designer(s):
 Robert Geller, Engineered Garments, Mr. Hollywood, Number Nine & Junya Watanabe.
• Can't Live Without:
 Travel and Adventure (with my Leica D-Lux 3 and Ipone for documentation of course).
• In Your Pocket: Clarks Botanicals Lipbalm always!
• On your iPod: Karen O, Santigold, Le Roux, Ra Ra Riot & Phoenix.
• On your nighttable
: The Harmony Silk Factory by Tash Aw
• Favorite Blog:
 A Shaded View on Fashion by Diane Pernet
• On your Netflix queue? I just stopped my subscription. I watch way too much TV ( History & Discovery Channel, Brothers & Sisters, Project Runway, Top Chef, Glee and Mad Men)
Icon? Professionally: Karl Lagerfeld, personally: My Mom
• Favorite NYC restaurant meal? Spare ribs, Vietnamese Ravioli and Duck Confit with Lychee Saketini at Indochine.
Favorite place to have a drink in NY? The Boom Boom Room at the Standard Hotel or Zampa in the West Village.
Favorite shop in NY?
 John Derian for gifts and Odin for clothing.
• Cab, train or walk?
 I’m a New Yorker, all 3! Whichever gets me to where I’m going faster.
• Where do you get your haircut?
 Kevin Woon at Woon Salon, I’ve been going to Kevin for over 18 years!
• One odd thing about you: Everything about me is odd, thank God!
Beauty secret?:
 Hydrate, moisturize and enjoy life! Having some products from Cle de Peau & Clarks Botanicals helps too.
• Best piece of advice you've gotten? My Mom always led by example. She treats everybody with the same amount of respect, compassion and openness. One of her favorite quotes from the Bible is, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. That has served me well over the years.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sneak Peak: Lover's Spring 2010 Lookbook

Love the casual denim/retro feel. Especially the shoes!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pretty People

Our favorite party photog Kirill of once again captures street style at its finest, here at Juliet in NYC. DJ PS1's James Dean meets East LA look is kind of major but my personal favorite? The mini denim/leather backpack and floral dress, a true ode to Sandra Bullock in Speed. Anything 90s-inspired is just perfection, isn't it?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Art: Pledge Your Allegiance

Artist Mike Mitchell shows his true colors by creating this Sheperd Fairey-esque poster in honor of Late Night host Conan O'Brien. I could not have said it better. Long live Conan!

The Berrie Questionnaire: Arielle Nachmani, Full Time Gemini and Blogger

1. Name: Arielle Noa Nachmani
2. Hometown: Old Westbury, NY
3. Age: 22
4. Occupation: Full time gemini
5. Dream: To give back to my father
6. Favorite Place in NY: Wherever my friends and family are or Dylans
7. Favorite Designer(s): Giambattista Valli, Proenza Schouler, Lanvin
8. Can't Live Without: You
9. In Your Pocket: Lint
10. On your iPod: the Smiths, Gustavo Santaolalla, Jay-Z, the Postelles
11. On your nighttable: Water, sour-patch
12. Favorite Blog: can I say my own?,
13. On your Netflix queue? Nightmare before Christmas, Squid and the Whale, Texas Chainsaw Massacre (everything scary really)
14. Icon?: My sister Danielle, my mother
15. Favorite NYC restaurant meal? PJ Clarke’s cheeseburgers
16. Favorite place to have a drink in NY? I’m happy anywhere once I have a drink
17. Favorite shop in NY? The Container Store
18. Cab, train or walk? All of the above
19. Where do you get your haircut? Never cutting my hair!
20. One odd thing about you: 10 different personalities
21. Beauty secret?: Sleep
22. Best piece of advice you've gotten?: “You are your own worst enemy”

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Berrie Questionnaire: DJ NVM aka Nick Moshkovich

1. Name: -> Nick Moshkovich
2. Hometown: -> Kishinev, Moldova
3. Where do you live now? -> Hell's Kitchen NYC
4. Occupation: -> DJ & Graphic Designer
5. Dream: -> Is to DJ full time and be the best at it in any genre top to bottom.
6. Favorite Place in NY: -> Sheep Meadow In Central Park and Empire Fulton Ferry State Park in DUMBO.
7. Favorite Designer(s): -> Don’t really have favorite designers but I do have a lot of artists that I admire; Dolk, KAWS, Takashi Murakami, Mr Brainwash and JefAerosol.
8. Can't Live Without? -> Music (Any genre) and banana pudding (Magnolia)
9. In Your Pocket: -> Phone, dry cleaners receipt, earplugs
10. On your iPod: -> Etta James, Theophilus London, Bag Raiders and ...John Mayer
11. On your night table? -> Studio setup (Turntables, mixer, speakers) I have a big nightstand.
12. Favorite Blog: ->,,
13. On your Netflix queue? -> Don't use netflix...Blockbuster’s “Previously Previewed” section is my queue, starting with 12 and A Perfect Getaway
14. Icon? -> Still and always will be main man DJ AM!
15. Favorite NYC restaurant meal? -> Skirt Steak special @ Empanada Mama
16. Favorite place to have a drink in NY? -> Don’t really go out drinking but Rudy’s Bar & Grill (Hells Kitchen) is a special place that everyone has to experience.
17. Favorite shop in NY? -> Urban Outfitters
18. Cab, train or walk? -> Bike!
19. Where do you get your haircut? -> 38th and 7th, my man Rocky (I get a kick out of him referring to me as “Nicky my boy”)
20. One odd thing about you: -> Just one? I am insanely clean and I’m obsessed with the show “Hoarders”
21. Grooming secret?: -> Shave once a week & get a haircut once a month
22. Best piece of advice you've gotten? -> To never get comfortable and to always push myself.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Object Lust: APC and Olympia Le-Tan Collaborate

The Daily Berrie recently covered Parisian jeune femme Olympia Le-Tan's quirky embroidered minaudiere clutches that boasted the hand-stitched covers of Moby Dick and other literature classics. Unfortunately they came at a steep price, going for about $1700 a pop. We love our Melville, but we'll settle for the paperback. But on January 21st, we learned from the NY Times, that Le-Tan is now teaming up with French cult label A.P.C. to create a collection of denim jackets also featuring snippets from the acclaimed classics like J.D. Salinger's Catcher in the Rye (The back banner reads: "People Never Notice Anything".) The jackets, $280 each will be available at A.P.C. on Mercer Street.

Video Vixen: Chic Shoplifting

Interview's blog recently featured a 2009 short film "Vol du Jour" directed by Karl Lagerfeld, model Lara Stone ransacks Chanel boutiques for their finest pieces. I love the Godard-esque quality of the film, and Stone's knee-high gladiators. Although Stone doesn't say a word, she exudes a young Catherine Deneuve in Belle du Jour. We hear that Stone is positioned to appear in Lady Gaga's new video for "Alejandro," if so, we hope Lagerfeld directs. How major would that be.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pretty People

Taken by my friend Kirill of, here are some great pics taken at Goldbar Sundays. Sometimes the best style is found not on the runway but on the streets and in dark corners of our city's bars and boites.

Listen Up: The Party - Justice Ft Uffie

Love, Love, Love

Designer Spotlight: Delfina Delletrez

At only 22 years old jewelry designer Delfina Delletrez Fendi (yes, of that Fendi) has made the fashion industry swoon for her quirky and slightly frightening bold baubles. From her skeleton hand ornament to her over-the-top demon eye bracelets, there is something for every style rebel. Personally, I prefer the lip ring, a subtle but cheeky touch and always makes manicurists giggle. Available exclusively at Alchemist in Miami.

Pop Quiz Hot Shot: Natalie Portman

Was Nathalie's dress from the Rodarte ready-to-wear line or the Mulleavy sister's capsule collection for Target? Your guess is as good as ours.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Trend: Bigger is Better

In the new issue of V Magazine, creative director Stephen Gan and photographer Karl Lagerfeld have put the spotlight on "real girls," or plus-size models. Featuring model Crystal Renn, author of HUNGRY and a gaggle of other bodacious babes, these Rubenesque beauties model jeans, crop tops and even go in the nude. We applaud Gan and Lagerfeld for featuring some real curves as oppose to VOGUE who in its latest issue features Lara Stone, supermodel (size 4) lamenting her body troubles. Kind of hard to relate to Stone who has entire glossies devoted to her "perfect" body as Lagerfeld puts it. Another shred of evidence that Vogues has yet again missed its mark.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

News: Ace Hotel x Opening Ceremony

The second outpost of Opening Ceremony is coming to...midtown! That's right the hipster style mecca is coming to the Ace Hotel and will not only carry exclusive Alex Wang and Proenza Schouler collaborations but imports like French gummies and British chips! We're sold.

Spotted: Sartorial Disasters

We know it's the off season, but can someone please hook up these Gossip Girls with a stylist?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Berrie Questionnaire: Haleh Nematzadeh, Designer

1. Name: Haleh Nematzadeh
2. Hometown: New York City
4. Occupation: fashion designer, style blogger, stylist.
5. Dream: To inspire people to fearlessly play dress up, which wakes them up to an authentic side of themselves. To run a Brand of Style, which encompasses everything I love, fashion, style, music, writing, and nightlife.
6. Favorite Place in NY: prospect park in the summer.
7. Favorite Designer(s): Vivienne Westwood, Jeremy Scott, Nicholas Ghesquire, Zaldy,
Stephen Sprouse,and Elsa Shchiaparelli.
8. Can't Live Without: a Journal, my I phone, a T3 wet to dry flatiron. my trainer Eddie,smashbox O Gloss as lipbalm, MAC lady danger red lipstick, and living downtown.
9. In Your Pocket: Tickets from the night before.
10. On your iPod: The XX, The Chromatics, Crystal Stilts, and Department of Eagles.
11. On your nighttable Think and Grow Rich, Add more Ing to your Life by Gabrielle Bernstein, and the Course in Miracles.
12. Favorite Blog: whowhatweardaily, the cut, the Satorialist, Paper, The Blay report, and nickydigital,
13. On your Netflix queue? I have a movie queue, netflix puts too much pressure me.
The new Tom Ford movie, and The september Issue.
14. Icon?: Edie Sedgewick, Nico, Debbie Harry, Allison Mossheart from the Kills,and David Bowie.
15. Favorite NYC restaurant meal? L'il Frankies on 1st Avenue. Obsession., Roberto's in Bushwick.
16. Favorite place to have a drink in NY? Lit Lounge, a total dive. Beatrice Inn when it was open. I like to have a drink at the Sunday night smiths party at sway.
17. Favorite shop in NY? Opening Ceremony, Seven New York, Oak, Pixie Market, Bess, and Eva on Bowery. Some vintage places that I must keep quiet, and ebay.
18. Cab, train or walk? Walk
19. Where do you get your haircut? Aveda on West Broadway and Woodley and Bunny in Williamsburg.
20. One odd thing about you: I'm a real nightowl, I'm able to do Reiki and Crystal healing.
21. Beauty secret?: The list can go on in this one, daily detox sea salt baths, PH balenced water, Rodial A List cleanser, Acai, a vinegar rinse at the end of your shower to get your hair shining, and for the rest see for some tips you won't find anywhere else.
22. Best piece of advice you've gotten? "it's not the idea, it's the execution" "only love is real", "share your dreams instead of your dramas"