Thursday, December 17, 2009

The DB Questionnaire: Nicole B., A Writer

1. Name: Nicole Berrie
2. Hometown: Englewood, NJ
3. Age: 27
4. Occupation: Writer
5. Dream: Someday to be a real writer
6. Favorite Place in NY: My bed
7. Favorite Designer(s): Isabel Marant, Vanessa Bruno, Chloe
8. Can't Live Without: A pen and my notebook
9. In Your Pocket/Your Bag: Green and Black Dark Chocolate
10. On your iPod: Chairlift, Passion Pit and Lissie Trullie
11. On your nighttable: The Artist's Way
12. Favorite Blog:
13. On your Netflix queue? Junebug, Food Inc., The Squid and the Whale
14. Icon?: Jane Birkin, Queen Rania
15. Favorite NYC restaurant meal? Goat cheese salad and mussels from Pastis
16. Favorite place to have a drink? La Plaza Athennee in Paris or the Florida Room in Miami
17. Favorite shop? Ludivine, NYC or Alchemist, Miami
18. Cab, train or walk? All of the above
19. Where do you get your haircut?: Yui Salon in the West Village
20. What's your beauty secret?: Dancing, Yoga, and my acupuncturist Ming
21. One odd thing about you: I have piano hands
22. Best piece of advice? Be yourself, it's enough.

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