Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Berrie Questionnaire: Danielle McGrory, Marketing Guru

1. Name: Danielle Brooke McGrory
2. Hometown: Center Moriches, NY
3. Age: 27
4. Occupation: Marketing Manager
5. Dream: To write books, collect art and live on the water
6. Favorite Place in NY: Everywhere but midtown
7. Favorite Designer(s): Chloe, Helmut Lang
8. Can't Live Without: Alone time, mini skirts and skinny black pants
9. In Your Pocket: Burt’s Bees lip balm
10. On your iPod: Asteroid Galaxy Tour, Jay-Z, Billie Holiday
11. On your nighttable: My laptop, from previously reading and/or watching web TV (Delusional Downtown Divas, anyone?) in bed
12. Favorite Blog: All the blogs on, The Coolhunter, The Moment and I’ll always have a place in my heart for the now semi-defunct The Blackberrie
13. On your Netflix queue? Next up is Paper Heart, but I have seriously neglected my Netflix since I upgraded to cable. The Netflix days were far more cultured.
14. Icon?: I just want to dress like Diane Kruger, sing like Mary J Blige and be quoted like Mae West, does that count?
15. Favorite NYC restaurant meal? Vegetable plate + entrée at Westville
16. Favorite place to have a drink in NY? Most frequented is Bar Veloce below my apartment, but really anywhere if I am with my friends
17. Favorite shop in NY? Possibly American Apparel because I can afford everything and even buy multiples!
18. Cab, train or walk? Preferably walk, although my boyfriend is trying to find me an old school BMX to ride
19. Where do you get your haircut? Aaron Pursell’s kitchen
20. One odd thing about you: That no matter how well you know me, there’s probably always something new to find out.
21. Beauty secret?: Moisturizer and eye makeup
22. Best piece of advice you've gotten?: “You’re not always right.”

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