Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Berrie Questionnaire: Haleh Nematzadeh, Designer

1. Name: Haleh Nematzadeh
2. Hometown: New York City
4. Occupation: fashion designer, style blogger, stylist.
5. Dream: To inspire people to fearlessly play dress up, which wakes them up to an authentic side of themselves. To run a Brand of Style, which encompasses everything I love, fashion, style, music, writing, and nightlife.
6. Favorite Place in NY: prospect park in the summer.
7. Favorite Designer(s): Vivienne Westwood, Jeremy Scott, Nicholas Ghesquire, Zaldy,
Stephen Sprouse,and Elsa Shchiaparelli.
8. Can't Live Without: a Journal, my I phone, a T3 wet to dry flatiron. my trainer Eddie,smashbox O Gloss as lipbalm, MAC lady danger red lipstick, and living downtown.
9. In Your Pocket: Tickets from the night before.
10. On your iPod: The XX, The Chromatics, Crystal Stilts, and Department of Eagles.
11. On your nighttable Think and Grow Rich, Add more Ing to your Life by Gabrielle Bernstein, and the Course in Miracles.
12. Favorite Blog: whowhatweardaily, the cut, the Satorialist, Paper, The Blay report, and nickydigital, herfuture.com
13. On your Netflix queue? I have a movie queue, netflix puts too much pressure me.
The new Tom Ford movie, and The september Issue.
14. Icon?: Edie Sedgewick, Nico, Debbie Harry, Allison Mossheart from the Kills,and David Bowie.
15. Favorite NYC restaurant meal? L'il Frankies on 1st Avenue. Obsession., Roberto's in Bushwick.
16. Favorite place to have a drink in NY? Lit Lounge, a total dive. Beatrice Inn when it was open. I like to have a drink at the Sunday night smiths party at sway.
17. Favorite shop in NY? Opening Ceremony, Seven New York, Oak, Pixie Market, Bess, and Eva on Bowery. Some vintage places that I must keep quiet, and ebay.
18. Cab, train or walk? Walk
19. Where do you get your haircut? Aveda on West Broadway and Woodley and Bunny in Williamsburg.
20. One odd thing about you: I'm a real nightowl, I'm able to do Reiki and Crystal healing.
21. Beauty secret?: The list can go on in this one, daily detox sea salt baths, PH balenced water, Rodial A List cleanser, Acai, a vinegar rinse at the end of your shower to get your hair shining, and for the rest see haleh.tv for some tips you won't find anywhere else.
22. Best piece of advice you've gotten? "it's not the idea, it's the execution" "only love is real", "share your dreams instead of your dramas"

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  1. Good to know about Haleh. I feel one day i would be in the news..new to fashion designing..thanks

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