Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Berrie Questionnaire: DJ NVM aka Nick Moshkovich

1. Name: -> Nick Moshkovich
2. Hometown: -> Kishinev, Moldova
3. Where do you live now? -> Hell's Kitchen NYC
4. Occupation: -> DJ & Graphic Designer
5. Dream: -> Is to DJ full time and be the best at it in any genre top to bottom.
6. Favorite Place in NY: -> Sheep Meadow In Central Park and Empire Fulton Ferry State Park in DUMBO.
7. Favorite Designer(s): -> Don’t really have favorite designers but I do have a lot of artists that I admire; Dolk, KAWS, Takashi Murakami, Mr Brainwash and JefAerosol.
8. Can't Live Without? -> Music (Any genre) and banana pudding (Magnolia)
9. In Your Pocket: -> Phone, dry cleaners receipt, earplugs
10. On your iPod: -> Etta James, Theophilus London, Bag Raiders and ...John Mayer
11. On your night table? -> Studio setup (Turntables, mixer, speakers) I have a big nightstand.
12. Favorite Blog: -> circlesquaretriangleblog.com, ilictronix.com, sundtrak.com
13. On your Netflix queue? -> Don't use netflix...Blockbuster’s “Previously Previewed” section is my queue, starting with 12 and A Perfect Getaway
14. Icon? -> Still and always will be main man DJ AM!
15. Favorite NYC restaurant meal? -> Skirt Steak special @ Empanada Mama
16. Favorite place to have a drink in NY? -> Don’t really go out drinking but Rudy’s Bar & Grill (Hells Kitchen) is a special place that everyone has to experience.
17. Favorite shop in NY? -> Urban Outfitters
18. Cab, train or walk? -> Bike!
19. Where do you get your haircut? -> 38th and 7th, my man Rocky (I get a kick out of him referring to me as “Nicky my boy”)
20. One odd thing about you: -> Just one? I am insanely clean and I’m obsessed with the show “Hoarders”
21. Grooming secret?: -> Shave once a week & get a haircut once a month
22. Best piece of advice you've gotten? -> To never get comfortable and to always push myself.

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